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How much does it cost?

  • For a one-time fee of $495.00, you can free yourself forever from the aggravation and frustration that comes around every 3 months!  Think about how much time you spend calculating your IFTA Return.  This is technology that quickly pays for itself – over and over again!

  • NOTE:  If you received a Discount Code, navigate to the Promotions page to receive your special pricing..

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What all is included?

  • You get everything you need to record your Trips and Fuel Purchases and create your IFTA Quarterly Return.  We give you step-by-step instructions to get you up-and-running in a matter of minutes and provide personal assistance if you have questions. There’s no “catch” and no “hidden fees”.  You get our complete system with no strings attached.  We are so confident you will simply love our software – WE GUARANTEE IT.   Use it for 30 days – if for any reason you don’t like it, we will give you a 100% refund.   


  • Single-Company, Single-User Installation CD with printed User Manual and step-by-step instructions (extra company/user licenses are available - see our Extras Page for details)

  • Transactions to enter Trip Sheets and Fuel Purchases, Maintain Power Unit and Tax Rate Information (quarterly tax rate updates are available - see our Extras Page for details) 

  • IFTA Quarterly Return Processing and Reporting, along with Fuel Vendor and Fuel Tax Rate Maintenance

  • Over 50 reports to view your Fuel/Mileage information; such as Details by Power Unit and by State, or Summaries for the entire company.  Fuel Tax reports can be viewed by Power Unit to easily determine Leased Operator reimbursements.  Individual State reports are useful for IRP Filing and Ad Valorem Property Taxes.

  • FREE telephone and email support for 90 days

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How do I purchase your software?

  • Please use the Purchase link to learn how to order and purchase our software.

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What are the Minimum System Requirements?

  • PC with a Pentium-class processor; 500 MHz or higher (800 MHz or higher recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 98(SE), NT(SP4), 2000, or XP operating system (2000 or XP recommended)
  • 256 MB of RAM (512 MB or higher recommended)
  • CD-ROM Drive (CD/RW or Flash Drive recommended for Backup)
  • VGA or higher-resolution monitor, capable of supporting 800x600 resolution, 256 colors, and small fonts
  • 1GB Hard Disk free space (10 GB recommended)
  • Ink Jet or Laser printer compatible for Windows printing

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Do you have other products or services I might be interested in?

  • FLI provides a wide array of technology products and services for the trucking industry.  We offer software for accounting, dispatch, billing, driver settlements, fuel mileage, equipment maintenance, driver qualifications, and many other objects that assists management and operations of truckload carriers.  We provide Website Design and Hosting services, along with networking and other technical services.  We also provide analysis and consulting services for business, finance, and operations.  Please Contact Us to learn more about our other offerings.

  • We normally allow those who purchase our Fuel Tax software full access to our Entire Fleet Management System.  This allows you to track your Drivers, Equipment, and Customers.  You may also use the Dispatch, Billing , Reports, and Equipment Maintenance modules, although training and support is not included with these “extra” modules.  This lets you experience the benefits of our complete software package, with no extra fees or obligation

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What about customer support?

  • FLI is committed to providing our customers with excellent service and support.  We provide round-the-clock, personalized service that normally matches customers with a single support contact.  Support calls from existing customers always receive our highest priority.

  • We provide all new customers with 90 days of unlimited telephone support.  This helps shorten the learning curve and gets our new clients up-and-going with confidence and assurance.  After the initial support period has expired, we may answer simple questions and fulfill simple requests at no charge. 

  • The following bullets describe our customer support philosophy and define support fees associated with continued customer support.  An Annual Support Agreement is available as a cost-effective solution for those who place heavy demands on our continued support, and seek the peace of mind that assistance is available when needed.  Details of our Annual Support Agreement can be found on our Extras page.

  • FLI has a strong belief that our customers should not pay for services they never received and should not be forced to pay excessive rates for our services.  We also believe our support fees should provide adequate revenue to cover expenses associated with providing and improving our personal services.  Our Support Policy reflects our beliefs and offers our customers the highest value for the services we provide.  Our customers recognize we cannot afford to provide extended, customized service without compensation, and always receive detailed accounting for services provided.  If a customer protests any billing, we will gladly review the contested charges to resolve any disputes.

  • Our primary focus is supporting FLI software products.  If our products do not perform their intended functions, we will provide corrections at no cost to our customers.

  • Support services are billed at $72.00 per hour in 15-minute increments.  Travel time may be charged for on-site visits at 1/2 the standard hourly rate.  Materials, supplies, and other expenses incurred in the course of providing customer support will be billed at actual cost to FLI.  

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Will I lose all the data I input if I try the Demo Version?

  • All data entered into the Demo Version will automatically transfer to the Live Version after purchasing the software - even if the Demo Version has expired.  Any data entered into the Demo Version that is not wanted in the Live Version can be deleted from the Live Version.  If requested, we can provide a "blank" Live Version to eliminate all data entered into the Demo Version.

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What if I don’t like the software (any guarantees)?

  • We are very proud of our software products, and guarantee them for proper performance.  If our products do not perform their intended functions, we will provide corrections at no cost to our customers.

  • If you are concerned that you may not like the software, we recommend you try the Demo Version before making a purchase.  This gives you a 30 day trial period with no obligation to purchase.

  • If one of our products does not perform the way you expect, we will work with you to identify and correct the reported issues.  Many times these issues are resolved through training and understanding.  Occasionally, a work-around solution will be offered that achieves the desired results.  Sometimes a program change may need to be made to correct "bugs".  In some cases, the software was never intended to provide the desired results, and we may elect to implement a new feature as a program enhancement or provide the feature as a custom enhancement.

  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you are not happy with the software, for any reason, simply uninstall and return the software and we will refund your full purchase price.  We do require an affidavit stating that the software was uninstalled from your system, and that you did not make or distribute any copies.  Any request for refunds after 30 days will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Please read the "Do you offer updates, and how much are they?" FAQ for information regarding fee-based enhancements.

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How difficult is it to install / use the software?

  • We provide step-by-step instructions for installation, initial data setup, and using the software.  
  • Most people find it extremely easy and to get started, and quickly master all the steps needed to use the software.
  • If requested, we provide personal assistance to get you up-and-going as quickly as possible. 

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Do you offer updates, and how much are they?

  • We routinely make enhancements to our software products to add new features and improve existing processes.  We make these improvements available to our customers at least once a year in the form of a Release Update.  We clearly define the improvements made, and do not force anyone to purchase a Release Update.  Fees charged for Release Updates depend on the extent of changes made.  To date, the least priced update was $40.00, and the most expensive was $100.00.   
  • An Annual Support Agreement is available as a cost-effective solution to obtain all program upgrades and updates.  Details of our Annual Support Agreement can be found on our Extras page.

  • Occasionally, we are forced to make modifications to conform to changes implemented by individual State Departments of Revenue or IFTA.  When this occurs, you may need to purchase a program enhancement to remain compliant with the new rules or regulations.  Historically, these changes have occurred when a state changed the format of its Quarterly Return report.  Fees charged for these enhancements also depend on the extent of changes made.  To date, the fee for this type of enhancement has been $50.00.
  • Changes in technology may force changes that allow the program to run on different platforms.  An example of this is when DOS technology was replaced with Windows technology.  When a major event like this occurs, we will develop a new program that conforms to modern industry standards, and transfers all your data to the new system.  We will support both sets of applications for a period of time, eventually dropping support on the older technology program.  At that time, you may elect to continue using the older program without support or update opportunities.  If you upgrade your hardware to the newer technology, need new features or support services, you will need to purchase a new program.  Fortunately, this type of change does not occur very often!

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Will you customize the program for me?

  • Almost everyone who uses our software finds it contains more options, features, and reports than they expect.  If you have a need for a process or report that is not included in the program, we will add your request to our Future Enhancements Request List.  We occasionally draw enhancements from this list, incorporating them into the system and including them in Release Updates.  We do not normally commit to a specific timeframe for when, or if, any of these requests will be implemented.  You will gain access to these new features by purchasing a Release Update after they have been implemented.
  • We may perform Custom Programming Services to accommodate specific needs you may have.  Fees for this services are determined on a case-by-case basis.  We normally provide a fixed-rate price based on the request.  Some requests may require fees for materials, supplies, and other expenses.

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Is this a true Windows program, or is it a DOS program converted to run in Windows?

  • FLI is a true Windows application, compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003.  It will also run on Windows 98 and ME if the computer meets the minimum hardware requirements.  The application has not been tested on 128 bit Windows operating systems.  Specifically, FLI uses a Visual Basic application to interface with a Microsoft Access database.  
  • The MS Access database is used as a data repository.  FLI is not a MS Access application, and therefore does not require MS Access to be installed on your computer.
  • The power and flexibility of Visual Basic allows interface to virtually any database engine and 3rd party applications.  

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Can the miles I enter be used for IRP reporting?

  • Yes!  FLI allows you to assign your power units to fleets associated to weight (e.g. 80,000 lb. power units).  You establish fleet(s) that correspond to the fleet designation used for your IRP reporting.  To prepare your IRP report, simply generate a Fleet Report from FLI for the IRP year you are filing.  This report provides state mile totals for each fleet, which can easily be transferred to your IRP form, or submitted to your preparer.  It only a few minutes to complete your annual IRP form using FLI (assuming you have entered miles for the entire IRP year).  NOTE:  The IRP year is July 1 through June 30 of the year preceding your filing.

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Will the program print Kentucky, New York, and Oregon Highway Use Tax forms, and New Mexico Weight Distance Tax forms?

  • FLI does not directly produce forms that can be submitted to states that require non-IFTA tax reporting, such as Highway Use, Weight Distance, Personal Property, and Ad Valorem taxes.  However, all of the information needed to complete these type of tax forms can easily be obtained from FLI reports.

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Does the program print IFTA Returns for states other than Illinois and Indiana?

  • We can provide state approved IFTA tax returns for all IFTA jurisdictions.  When you print your return from FLI, it will print on a form that you can submit directly to your state Department of Revenue.  When downloading or ordering our software, please indicate the state form you need.  We will provide you with the requested state form at no additional cost to you.

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Will the program interface with PC Miler, Rand McNally, etc.? - and - Will the program figure my miles for me?

  • Our program can interface with 3rd party mileage programs; however, this requires you to purchase a licensed copy of a mileage program that has interface capabilities, along with the vendor's proprietary interface module.  These type of programs and interface modules typically cost $3000 - $5000.  Even if you have already have a licensed mileage program you still must purchase the interface module, which costs about $1500.  Point-to-point miles can be entered directly into FLI without an interface.  If you want to retain rated miles, it is much more economical to look up the miles in a mileage program, and then manually enter them into FLI.
  • For IFTA reporting, you must use actual miles based on odometer readings - or - rated miles from a recognized mileage source, accounting for all trip and local miles.  There are no exceptions, and you cannot mix the methods.  Most companies use actual miles, which makes an interface to a mileage program useless.  
  • If you use rated miles to complete your IFTA return, you can enter routes and state miles that FLI will remember.  When recording your trip sheet information, you select these pre-defined routes to populate miles.  
  • Using rated miles requires more effort to setup and enter trip information, and often results in higher fuel taxes because rated miles are normally less than actual miles, decreasing your average miles per gallon.  IFTA auditors are typically more critical of companies using rated miles, and generally find more errors and omissions during the the audit, resulting in higher taxes, fines and penalties.  For these reasons, many of our new customers that reported rated miles prior to using FLI switch to the actual mileage method.

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Can I separate bulk tank fuel from other fuel purchases?

  • You have the ability to establish an unlimited amount of fuel vendors, which designate the state where your fuel is purchased.  The system is pre-populated with a fuel vendor for each state.  If desired, you can create fuel vendors that represent individual vendors where fuel is purchased, including your company owned bulk tank.
  • For IFTA purposes, you are only required to identify the state where fuel is purchased.  If you create more specific fuel vendors, you can use FLI reporting to determine the amount of fuel purchased from these specific vendors, including your own bulk tank.

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Can I import fuel from Gasboy pump software, Comdata, etc.?

  • Fuel purchase information can be interfaced into FLI from many other software products.  This requires exporting information from your bulk tank software program or downloading a data file from your fuel purchase providers Internet website.  The exported file is then interfaced into FLI using pre-defined file format definitions.  If you do not have pump software or a fuel purchase provider that can supply a formatted and readable data file, your fuel purchase information cannot be electronically interfaced.

  • Data file formats vary between different applications, and even between different versions of the same application.  For this reason, these types of interfaces are created on a case-by-case basis.  Fees charged for interfacing fuel purchase information depend on the amount of effort required to create the interface.  Contact Us to inquire about your specific interface needs.

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I have owner operators leased to me that are included in my IFTA Quarterly Return, can I continue doing this with your program?

  • Absolutely!  Simply add your owner/operator’s power unit to your list of power units, and then enter their state miles and fuel.  They will be automatically be included in the company totals on your IFTA Quarterly Return.

  • After creating your IFTA Quarterly Return, you can generate tax reports by power unit showing the exact amount of tax liability incurred by each owner/operator.  We provide you the ability to calculate these per unit taxes using your company average mpg, or the individual unit average mpg.  You can present this report to your owner/operator to receive reimbursement for taxes they owe.

  • If you also provide license plates for your owner/operators, you can include their power units in your fleet so their state mile totals are included in your IRP form.  If they provide their own license plates, you can establish their units in a different fleet so their state mile totals appear on a separate report.

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I have trucks in my fleet that are NOT included in my IFTA Quarterly Return, can I enter their miles and fuel for tracking purposes only?

  • Yes!  When entering your non-IFTA power units, simply check the option "Exclude from IFTA Reporting".  This allows you to enter miles and fuel for these units and not have them appear on your IFTA Return.

  • Our Fuel/Mileage reports provide options to generate reports for units included in IFTA reporting, units excluded from IFTA reporting, and all units.

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I have multiple companies, each with their own IFTA account, can I process separate IFTA Returns for each company?

  • Processing separate IFTA Returns for different companies requires you to purchase an additional company license for each company you process.  When logging into the system, you select the company you want to work with.  You use the same program to process information for all companies, but the data for each company is completely separate from one another.  Prices for additional company licenses can be found on the Extras page.

  • Each company comes with a single user license.  If you have the program installed on a network, you may have different people processing different information for different companies, but no more than 1 person can process data for the same company at the same time.  It is very uncommon to need more than one person processing Fuel Tax data in the same company at the same time; but, if you require this, you may purchase an additional user license for each concurrent user needed.  Prices for additional user licenses can be found on the Extras page.

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Can the program be installed on a network?

  • Our application can be installed on a local area network server.  A client installation must be performed on all workstations to install Windows control files used by the program.  When installed on a network, the entire application and database resides on the server.  All program updates are applied only on the server.  You will be notified if any application changes have occurred that require performing client installations

  • The user manual that comes with the system contains specific, step-by-step instructions for network installation

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Can I access the program remotely using the Internet?

  • Our application cannot be installed on an Internet-based web server to run within a browser.  Remote processing can be achieved via Windows Terminal Services or other remote communications software (e.g. Citrix, PC Anywhere, GoToMyPC, etc.).  FLI does not provide support for any remote communication technologies, but will work with your system administrator to assist with remote processing strategies.  Additional fees may be assessed depending on the amount of time spent assisting you with remote processing options and strategies.

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Can the program be installed on a laptop?

  • Installing the application on a laptop is no different than installation on a desktop or network server.  Simply follow the same installation instructions in the user manual.  If you are using a laptop, or are considering using one, please read each of the following points that address some common issues regarding laptop computers.

  • The portability of a laptop makes it easy to work from virtually anywhere, but increases the likelihood of loss, damage, and theft.  It is extremely important to make sure you always have a good, current backup of your important data.

  • You should realize that printing, Internet connections, and other functions performed from your home or office may be more challenging when using your laptop away from its normal location.  As an example, you will not be able to print if you do not have a printer attached to the computer; and carrying your printer with you may be cumbersome.  Another example is not having ready access to materials or other information needed to complete tasks while away from your home or office.

  • These comments are not intended to discourage purchase or usage of laptop computers.  We extensively utilize laptop computers in our company and find them to be convenient and necessary tools for our business.  The intent is simply to provide information that you may not have previously considered.

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Can I use the program from my laptop when I’m away from the office?

  • If you have the program installed only on your laptop, or if your laptop is acting as the server for your office network, then you can easily use the program from any physical location.  Issues described in the answer to the previous question (Can the program be installed on a laptop?) also pertain to this question.  If your laptop is acting as the server for your office network, other users will not have access to the program until you reconnect your laptop to the network.

  • It is possible to have a complete installation on a laptop, and another installation on your office network.  While at the office, you will be connected to the network.  Before leaving, you can copy the data from the server to your laptop, take your laptop with you and continue working away from the office.  When you return, copy the data back to your server to give others access to the data that you entered or changed.  NOTE:  If not properly administered, this option may cause permanent loss of data or substantial effort to recreate lost data.  Please Contact Us before attempting this type of processing.

  • There is a common misconception that a laptop can provide remote processing capabilities back to an office desktop computer or network server.  This is only possible if you establish remote processing from your office system.  Unless you have a knowledgeable network administrator on staff, you will likely need assistance from an outside firm to effectively establish remote networking.  For remote networking to satisfy most speed requirements, you will probably need a broadband Internet connection at both the laptop and the office, or a dedicated phone line connecting them to one another.  Remote networking is normally a rather expensive feature.

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How do I back up my data?

  • Our program has an internal Backup process that allows you to easily copy your data to your backup media.

  • The database used to store data in FLI is a rather large file and will not fit on a floppy disk.  You need to store your FLI data backup on a large capacity media such as a CD or USB Mass Storage Device (Flash Drive).

  • You should be aware that there are many ways your data can be destroyed, corrupted, stolen, or lost.  It is critical that you always have a current backup of your important data, stored at a secure offsite location.  This is the only means you have to perform full restoration of your valuable information after a disaster occurs.

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I need new computer equipment, do you have any recommendations?

  • We do not sell computer hardware, but do perform hardware installation, configuration and networking services to clients within certain geographical boundaries.  Through our customers, we are very familiar with performance, dependability, and value associated with equipment from a variety of computer hardware manufacturers.  By a wide margin, DELL computers and Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers are currently at the top of the list in all categories.  DELL printers are also reported to be very high quality and a better value than HP; however, ink and toner for DELL printers must be mail ordered direct from DELL, which may add some degree of inconvenience.  

  • These comments are based on experiences reported by current customers who describe consistent reliability and value with equipment provided by the manufacturers mentioned.  We receive no commission or profit from equipment purchased from any hardware manufacturer.  The sole intent of these comments are to provide an opportunity for potential customers to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our existing customers.  FLI provides no warranties for any hardware purchases

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I prepare IFTA Returns for other companies, will this work for me?

  • We offer a Preparer’s Version of our Fuel Tax software that allows you to process IFTA Tax Returns for other trucking companies.  Prices are based on the number of companies you process, with a minimum of 5 company licenses.  You may purchase company licenses in blocks of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 companies; or you may purchase a single company license after purchasing a block.  Please Contact Us for pricing.

  • As a Preparer, you are automatically enrolled in our Reseller Program, allowing you to sell our program to your clients and receive a commission on each sale.

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I'm not very computer literate, will this work for me?

  • Basic computer knowledge, especially in using Windows applications is very helpful.  If you are reading this, you already have enough computer skills to use our program!

  • Our program is very intuitive and easy to use.  We provide step-by-step instructions to get you up-and-going very quickly.  If you have any questions or problems, Contact Us and we will be happy to help you through any issue you encounter in using our software.

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