Extra Features and Services


Our Fuel Tax software is a complete, full-working, single-company, single-user version, and does not require any additional purchases to function properly.  However, you may be interested in extra features and/or services offered by FLI:


Fuel Tax Rate Update Service  ($8.00 per quarter - or - $32.00 per year)

Each quarter you will need to update the tax tables in FLI with the current IFTA tax rates.  You can do this manually, or you may subscribe to a Tax Rate Update Service to receive the updated rates for all IFTA jurisdictions each quarter.  Our Fuel Tax Rate Update Service a convenient and easy way to accurately update all your tax rates.


Program Upgrades  (Fee varies depending on the Upgrade)

We generally offer Program Upgrades 2 - 4 times per year.  Upgrades contain new features and/or enhancements to our software product.  Examples of new features include:

  • New reports

  • New and/or Revised entry screens that contain additional fields and/or more user-friendly options

  • Modifications to comply with changes issued by IFTA or state jurisdicitons

You are not required to purchase any Program Upgrades offered; however, if the Program Upgrade contains modifications to comply with changes to federal/state rules and regulations, you will be required to purchase an upgrade to remain compliant with your IFTA reporting requirements.

Notification:  We provide notice on our Customer Support website when an update is available, listing all changes available in the upgrade and the associated fee.  If a mandatory upgrade is issued, we will notify all customers via email, postal mail, or telephone.

Delivery:  Program Upgrades are sent on CD via postal mail, or may be available via download from our Customer Support website.

Fees:  Program Upgrade fees are determined by the extent of changes made to the program.  To date, the lowest upgrade fee was $40.00 and the most expensive was $100.00.


Annual Support Agreement ($96.00 per year)

FLI Fuel Tax customers may purchase an Annual Support Agreement for $96.00 per year, which includes the following during the term of the agreement:

  • IFTA Tax Rate Update Subscription Service ($32.00 value)

  • 1 hour of telephone and email Support Services ($72.00 value)

  • Free Program Upgrades (approximately $100 value)


Extra Company License  ($150.00 one-time fee for each extra company)

The system comes with a single company license, meaning you will be limited to completing IFTA Returns for only 1 company.  If you file IFTA Returns for multiple companies, you will need to purchase a separate license for each company.


Extra User License  ($150.00 one-time fee for each extra concurrent user)

The system comes with a single user license, meaning only 1 person per company may use the system at any time.  It it uncommon to need additional user licenses for Fuel Mileage purposes, and is totally unnecessary if you install FLI on a stand-along computer.  If you install FLI on a local area network and have a need for multiple people entering or reviewing information for the same company at the same time, you will need to purchase additional user license(s) for each concurrent user.

What does "concurrent user" mean?  This simply means the number of users who can be entering and/or viewing information for the same company at the same time.  If you have the standard single-user license, only 1 person can be using the system at a time - other users will need to wait until that person signs off of the system before they can sign in.  If you have a 2-user license, 2 people can be signed into the system at the same time.


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